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Hindi religious voice: Base Voice, Detailed, deep, smooth, refined, consistent, warm, sophisticated and very clear accent for all kinds of Voice Over.

Hindi Commercial Male: Clear & smooth, warm & friendly, young man voice with authority. Can personally visit Studios in Hyderabad

Hindi Documentary (Male): Narrative Hindi Voice for Documentaries and storytelling. Voice also suits for audio books and E-learning

Hindi Advertisement Voice (Male): Affordable to hire this voice, even able to deliver voice through online within India or abroad.

IVR in Telugu (Female Voice) - Professional voiceover - want a clean, crisp, quality recording and production with very quick return time.

Telugu Religious Male Voice: He is Commercial Voice over Artiste. His Voice over can be heard on TV/Radio spots, Image Videos, Web Narrations, Documentaries, Animations, Independent films and more places.

English Commercial Male - been in the Broadcast industry since 1985 and experience gives him a distinct advantage when it comes to capturing the overall essence of the voice over.

English Narration Male Voice: Professional Voice Artiste of Indian and American English since 10 years. Keep on traveling India and US, but your work will be delivered on time.

English Female Commercial: Indian origin female VO Artiste available for any kind of Voice requirement. She charges affordable rates.

Bengali Female Voice - Middle aged, mid pitched. Friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, very experienced in technical and medical narrations

Tamil Classic Male Voice: Clear & smooth, warm & friendly, young man voice with authority. South based artiste is able to deliver voice through online.

Punjabi great Male voice: Quality modulation in Punjabi regional assignment, able to deliver Punjabi voice within India or Abroad by online.